Driving Standardization and Differentiation in Outsourcing Services

With a tough economy putting pressures on margins and technology empowered customers demanding best in class service, companies are struggling to maintain profitability. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a strategic step for companies looking to improve service levels, reduce costs, streamline processes, improve process efficiencies, and gain access to best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills. Today, customers want to partner with BPO vendors who can add value to their business and provide competitive differentiation. To meet this need, BPO industry is evolving from a labor arbitrage "Lift and Shift" model towards a value driven Utility model.

EMN in Business Process Outsourcing

We go beyond SLAs in our approach to process outsourcing. Our industry leading process platform Base)))™ enables our customers to run standardized and efficient operations. Our clients gain insights, business growth, and measurable business impact through pre-built process asset based solutions, industry focused platform BPO solutions, and integrated IT BPO services. Our expertise lies in:

Pre-built Process Asset Based Solutions – With a focus on process improvements and business outcomes we have developed over 25 productized solutions based on process assets through a dedicated solution development organization.
Industry Focused & Platform Based Solutions - Leveraging EMN assets in Cloud, Mobility, and Alliances we provide integrated IT and BPO SLAs and innovative pricing/commercial models for our key clients.
Driving Predictable Business Outcomes - Leveraging technology, tools, and analytics we help customers transform operations onsite before shifting to vendor. Our industry specialists along with the EMN consulting group enable this transformation.
Investing in Industry Leading BPO Platform - EMN Base)))™ is a flexible, adaptable, and customizable BPO platform. It supports 320 unique processes to deliver business outcomes, institutionalize knowledge, ensure transparency, controls, compliance, and drives down cost of operations.
Delivering Insights & Measurable Business Impact through Business value meter – We have delivered over $ 1.1 B of value. Our one stop shop tracks and reports the value delivered to customer through process re-engineering.
Standardized Processes across Expanding Global Locations – We deliver 24X7 operations through one standardized global process and provide support in all major languages in 11 countries.

Why EMN?

We deliver value to customers across industries through our integrated solution approach for process standardization, simplification, and optimization. Some of our success stories are:

Improved customer experience with a 36% reduction in Average Hold Time within 3 weeks of Go Live
Centralized the complete suite of HR processes for a leading European manufacturer. Expected productivity improvement of 72% over 5 Years
Identified 70 M USD project portfolio value through EMN upstream engagement in Forex and Trade, card origination, and business mortgage rezoning for a leading European bank
80% increase in availing supply chain financing by identifying critical bottlenecks and re-engineering Accounts Payables process for a global Electronics Manufacturer using Base)))™


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